OPPO BDP-103AU Blu-ray Player



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OPPO BDP-105AU Blu-ray Player



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Blu-ray provides the best audiovisual quality available today, but there's so much more. You can use any old player, but a cheap Blu-ray experience is like wearing blinders - you never get the full experience. It's about much more than putting a disc in a player. We can ingest media in so many ways, with countless file formats and streaming services. And beyond the content you watch, your equipment can make an enormous difference to your picture and sound.

We don't profess to make the cheapest players on the market, and for good reason. We make the highest quality, easiest to use, most capable players, and provide them to AV enthusiasts at reasonable prices. You won't find huge a huge range here because we spend years on research and development for every product. And after purchase, the job isn't done. We provide the best service and support, and our frequent firmware updates ensure that your player will stay on the cutting edge. We're always listening to our customers to provide them with everything they need.

This is what makes OPPO the best. But we don't expect you to believe us. Do some research and come back - not only do our players consistently get rave reviews, but our company does too.


OPPO players and the fabled DSD format

We've had a lot of people asking us for a breakdown of what DSD is and how they can use it with their OPPO player. The good news is, all of our players are DSD compatible. We're here to help you find out how to make the most of it.

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Get to know the Darbee Visual Processor

How did we raise the bar after the BDP-103AU and BDP-105AU? With the Darbee Visual Processor. To some, that means a whole lot, while others might be scratching their heads. If you fall into this second category, we're here to help you get your head around the best visual enhancement technology available today.

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Home Theater Review gives the BDP-103D a perfect score!

"...a must-demo if you're in the market for a new universal disc player." Like many other hi-fi and AV mags, Home Theater Review was already taken by our BDP-103AU. They were surprised we could even find a way to top it! But we did, fitting our most popular player with a Darbee Visual Processor for the most engaging visual enhancement technology available.

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