HD Guru doesn't think the BDP-103D is good - they think it's the best

"With built-in Darbee functionality supplementing the best video processing to be found in any player around, the BDP-103D has become the reference standard for Blu-ray playback."

Everyone seems astounded that we managed to improve upon our BDP-103AU Blu-ray player. What can we say? We just can't stop working, and we're always looking for ways to enhance what is now known as the reference level of Blu-ray quality.

That's what we've done with our BDP-103D - taken the best, and made it better. With the same build as the BDP-103AU, replacing the Qdeo processor for a new Darbee Visual Processor, the picture takes on an uncanny level of detail, sharpness and depth for a performance so real it's unreal.

Read HD Guru's full review here.

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