Using your OPPO as a pre-amplifier

OPPO BDP-10x Universal Disc players are amazing Blu-ray players, CD/SA-CD players and network streamers but they can also be used as a digital pre-amplifier solution. Just add a stereo or multi-channel power amplifier and speakers for a high quality, high powered and minimalist HiFi solution. 

The BDP-105D builds upon the features of the BDP-103 series with Optical and Coaxial digital inputs and a headphone output. And of course your entire system can be controlled from the included IR remote or the amazing Media Control app for iOS and Android.
Here's how we set up an OPPO player as a pre-amplifier:

Step 1 - Select Variable Volume output
Setup Menu > Audio Processing > Output Volume > Variable
Selecting Variable enables volume control of the analogue line outputs.
Use the VOL +/- buttons on the remote to increase/decrease the analogue audio output level (the maximum is 100 - we suggest decreasing to 0 at the start of your installation).

IMPORTANT: It is important to select variable volume before connecting your OPPO player directly to a power amplifier since the high output level may cause damage to the amplifier and speakers.

Note: The volume level for the analogue output and the headphone output are adjusted and saved separately. Depending on whether a head phone is connected or not, the BDP-105 can automatically apply the current volume control setting to the headphone output or analogue output. You can set the default volume level for the headphone output at Setup Menu > Audio Processing > Headphone Volume.


Step 2 - Connecting your OPPO player to your power amplifier

Option A - Stereo setup
BDP-103AU or BDP-103D - Connect the FR and FL outputs to your stereo power amplifier's RIGHT INPUT and LEFT INPUT using a pair of RCA interconnects.
BDP-105D - Connect the STEREO AUDIO OUT outputs to your stereo power amplifier's RIGHT INPUT and LEFT INPUT using a pair of RCA or 3 pin XLR interconnects.

(The BDP-105D has the option of using XLR balanced outputs if your power amplifier supports XLR balanced inputs)

Option B - Multichannel setup
Connect the OPPO's FL output to your multichannel power amplifier's FRONT LEFT INPUT.
Connect the OPPO's FR output to your multichannel power amplifier's FRONT RIGHT INPUT.
Connect the OPPO's SR output to your multichannel power amplifier's SURROUND RIGHT INPUT.
Connect the OPPO's SL output to your multichannel power amplifier's SURROUND LEFT INPUT.
Connect the OPPO's C output to your multichannel power amplifier's CENTER INPUT.
Connect the OPPO's SW output to your active subwoofer's LFE INPUT


Step 3 - Connect your speakers to your power amplifier

Connect your speakers to your chosen stereo or multi-channel amplifier, sit back and enjoy.

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