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OPPO players are known industry wide as the leaders in Blu-ray technology.

An OPPO Darbee universal disc fully immerses cinema lovers into their favourite films just as the director intends. What many people don't know is that OPPO players are also high quality Audio Visual streamers.

The OPPO BDP-105D is an audiophile's dream. It uses not one but two of the highly acclaimed ESS Sabre32 bit DACs (Digital to Analogue Convertor).

One Sabre32 looks after multi-channel duties whilst the 2nd Sabre32 DAC is strictly for 2 channel stereo duties and is completely isolated from the video processing. A dedicated, fully balanced stereo audio board featuring a Sabre32 DAC is powered in complete isolation to the video circuitry via a matched, custom made toroidal power transformer and features both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs. 

If it's on a disc it will most likely play. OPPO players support CDs, SA-CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and CD/DVD/BD data discs supporting most audio, video and image files. So whether it's the latest CD or SA-CD album or a variety of music data files, the latest Blu-ray blockbuster or a collection of AVIs and MKVs videos, it will play back in high fidelity and high definition.

Local Streaming
Streaming is convenient and common placed for today's audiophile and videophile. Whether you store you favourite audio video files on a local USB storage device or a network location including computers and NAS drives OPPO players have you covered.

Cloud based Streaming Services
OPPO players have built in app support for TidalPandora, Netflix, Quickflix, YouTube and more. This means you can enjoy your favourite cloud based subscription services with convenience in high quality.

HDMI Streaming
All OPPO players feature front and rear HDMI inputs, including MHL support, to allow HDMI streaming from external devices for improved video scaling via DARBEE and audio performance with our premium Cirrus Logic and ESS Sabre32 DACs (Digital to Audio Converter).

Digital Audio Inputs
Exclusive to the BDP-105D are Optical, Coaxial and PC-USB Digital inputs. Not just a universal disc player and streamer, the BDP-105D is also an audiophile DAC for all your external audio components.
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