The New Apple TV and OPPO

The new Apple TV is due this November and will bring with it for the first time user installable apps.

This will revolutionise the way many of us consume Audio and Video with standalone apps for Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, Spotify and more in the works. Many are predicting an improved user interface and gapless playback missing from the current mobile apps.

The problem for most 2 channel audiophiles however is that Apple has omitted a digital audio output (the previous Apple TV used a toslink optical output) and very few stereo components / DACs feature a HDMI input.

Introducing OPPO universal disc players...

All current OPPO players feature twin HDMI inputs (1 x front & 1 x rear) capable of processing audio (& video) from the new generation Apple TV and converting to analogue. 

Simply select HDMI IN-BACK by pressing the INPUT button on the OPPO remote to select the new Apple TV.


The OPPO BDP-105D is something truly special featuring two of the universally acclaimed Sabre32 ESS 32bit DACs and a dedicated stereo main board completely isolated from the video circuitry.

The BDP-105D stereo main board is fully balanced, features a dedicated Sabre32 ESS DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) and is powered via a dedicated high quality toroidal power supply. Analogue audio output is via the regular unbalanced single ended RCA or balanced XLR outputs. This analogue audio output is now ready for amplification by high quality integrated amplifiers (fixed output) or power amplifiers (variable output).



The OPPO BDP-103AU/D uses a high quality Cirrus Logic CS4382A DAC to convert HDMI audio inputs into analogue audio ready for amplification through your Hi-Fi system.



All OPPO models improve upon the Apple TV's video scaling by using their internal Marvell QDEO (BDP-103AU) or Silicon Image VRS ClearView video processor with DARBEE (BDP-103D & BDP-105D).

The DARBEE difference is something that has to be experienced to believed. It adds depth cues and detail to each and every image you view to optimise your viewing experience. You can read more about the DARBEE difference here.



At OPPO Digital we understand that not everyone uses Apple products. Android and Windows users can easily connect a ChromeCast to enjoy superior audio and video streaming by connecting to their Audio Visual equipment through their OPPO universal player.

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