Change is inevitable

The way we watch and listen is constantly changing. Just a few years ago, DVDs reigned, and that was that. Not long before that, the VHS rocked the world by bringing video to the home. What do we watch today? If you were to say Blu-rays, you'd be right… but not entirely.

Blu-ray provides the best audiovisual quality available today, but there's so much more. You can use any old Blu-ray player, but it won't give you the quality that you could be getting. A cheap Blu-ray experience is like wearing blinders - you never get the full experience.

Fifth Element OPPO Digital Australia Blu-ray Player Comparison

AV in the modern age

Convenience and capabilities are vital to today's viewers. What's the point of a disc player if it doesn't have support for file formats? So much of enjoying movies and music is digital. What's the point if it doesn't have an easy to use App? You want complete control from your hand in a way that's fluent and simple. What's the point if its operation is so clunky that you chuck your remote out the window in frustration?

It's about much more than putting a disc in a player. We can ingest media in so many ways, with countless file formats and streaming services. Beyond the content you watch, your equipment can make such a difference to your picture and sound, thanks to 4K upscaling capability, digital-to-analogue converters and high quality video processors. Beyond that, you need a player that'll accommodate past technologies while preparing for the future.

Broadening our horizons

Our flagship BDP-105AU has long been known for its excellent playback with CDs and digital audio, replacing audiophile CD players in a lot of homes, thanks to the inbuilt Sabre32 DAC chip, dedicated stereo outputs and premium build that optimises sound quality. We incorporated all of our accumulated audio knowledge when we moved into the realm of personal audio.

OPPO Digital Australia PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones Black - Side View

Reviewed as the best headphone and amp combo at any price, our first step into dedicated audio equipment with the PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones and the HA-1 Headphone Amplifier has been a big one. We've utilised revolutionary builds, premium components and a lengthy research and development period - we had to make sure our headphones and headphone amplifiers were the absolute best they possibly could be before their release.

The initial reception has been exceptional. They've been called "world class" [CNET], "a runaway winner" [The Absolute Sound] and "brilliant, mesmerising and spellbinding" [Tech Radar].

What makes OPPO different

We don't profess to make the cheapest equipment on the market, and for good reason. We make the highest quality, easiest to use, most comprehensive and capable players and audio products, and provide them to AV and hi-fi enthusiasts at reasonable prices. You won't find huge product lines here, because we spend years on research and development for each and every product. If the final result doesn't meet our - and your - standards, it won't be released.

OPPO Digital Australia Blu-ray Player Logo Close up

And after purchase, the job isn't done. We provide the best service and support for our customers, and our frequent firmware updates ensure that your player will stay on the cutting edge. We're always listening to our customers to make sure we provide them with everything they need.

This is what makes OPPO the best. But we don't expect you to believe a claim like that. Do some research and come back - not only do our players consistently get rave reviews, but our company does too.