Home Theater Review gives the BDP-103D a perfect score!

"Darbee Visual Presence works at the pixel level, changing luminance values and adding 3D visual cues by creating left and right frames within a 2D space to enhance the sense of depth, dimensionality and, consequently, detail. ...Darbee Visual Presence is something you need to see, and its inclusion in the Oppo BDP-103D makes the player a must-demo if you're in the market for a new universal disc player."

Visual enhancement processors don't always get the best rap with reviewers. This is because they're often prone to adding information to the picture in the vain attempt to adding to it. The Darbee Visual Processor works at a level above other processors by adjusting luminance pixel by pixel, avoiding any artifacting or negative picture effects.

Home Theater Reviewer Adrienne Maxwell was already a big fan of the BDP-103AU, wondering what more we could possibly do. We clearly blew her mind with the new BDP-103D. She was very impressed by the level of detail added by the addition of a Darbee Processor, as well as the in-depth customisation options for it.

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