Digital Audio Review's four part in-depth coverage of the PM-1s, start to finish

"On upscale looks, opulent finish, wear comfort, storing convenience and ease of drive to welcome top portables, Oppo had obviously attended to their self-assigned home work with diligence..."

"Handling the PM-1 rubs in how despite being a maiden product in its category, its maker had both the resources and required diligence to cover the lot with such aplomb."

Digital Audio Review wanted to take a look at our new PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones, but they certainly didn't want to do it in halves... So they didn't. Starting with initial impressions of product news and reviews, including the years of lead-up during our extensive research and development, through to acquiring it, unboxing it, getting detailed information from the Australian and New Zealand OPPO team and finally comparing it in depth to a wealth of other audiophile headphones, this is the most detailed breakdown of these show-stopping headphones available at the moment.

Part 1 -breakdown of planar magnetic headphones and the release of the PM-1s

Part 2 - Receiving the PM-1s and initial impressions

Part 3 - Q&A with OPPO Australia/New Zealand's Sam Encel

Part 4 - Comparisons and conclusions

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